Lano Bella Donna Carpet

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How much do I need?

Each pack contains 1m2, we recommend that you include 10% wastage. Please use our handy calculator to determine the number of packs that you require.

4m- 5m width
Tog 1.88
Secondary backing: KT
Quality code: UMK
Manufacturing process: Tufted
Pile composition: SmartStrand


SmartStrand has a built-in lifetime stain and soil resistance and can easily be cleaned with pure water or common household cleaners.

SmartStrand yarns present a closed cellular structure, making it impossible for any kind of fluid or liquid to get absorbed by the fibers. This aspect of the fibers is permanent and does not alter or degrade over time. Therefore it is safe to say that every SmartStrand carpet is stain and soil resistant throughout its entire lifespan.

If by accident the carpet gets stained anyway, in most cases the soiling substances can be washed off with pure water, leaving no marks at all. Depending on the nature and intensity of the soiling substance, in some cases the use of a mild common household cleaner can be required to get rid of the stain. All SmartStrand qualities are bleach resistant (10% diluted).



SmartStrand Triexta fiber is an eco-friendly fiber made from organic renewable plant based materials.

SmartStrand fibers are for 37% made with natural starch, leading to the most eco-friendly yarn available on the market today. The amount of energy required to produce the SmartStrand Triexta fiber is a full 30% less than with other fibers. The whole production process consequently emits 63% less CO2 than is the case with other synthetic fibers.

The SmartStrand collection is made in Belgium by Lano Carpets, according to the most stringent quality requirements and following the appropriate ISO/Green signature control systems.



SmartStrand is softer to the touch with a permanent smooth and shiny lustre.The SmartStrand silky softness and shiny lustre are reinforced by the high density of filaments in every yarn. They stand for an increased luxury aspect and comfort experience, hard to find in other carpets made with other fibers.

We can safely state that SmartStrand is the only carpet on the market that couples resilience to such high levels of softness and comfort.

The SmartStrand fiber is gifted with an extremely high natural UV-resistance, leading to an unprecedented colour fastness, avoiding a washed out appearance over time. Even after many years of use, your SmartStrand carpet will still look like new. 



SmartStrand is an extremely durable and resilient carpet thanks to the excellent material properties of the Triexta SmartStrand fiber.

Triexta SmartStrand has been developed by DuPont as a revolutionary fiber with a particular molecular structure and composition leading to a remarkable resilience. Flattening of the carpet caused by heavy use is virtually excluded, since the fibers will always bounce back to their original form and position.

Some of our SmartStrand qualities for domestic use get exceptional contract class resilience ratings of up to 32 and even 33, earning them the title of a lifetime investment.


Whilst we make every effort to ensure that the colours shown on our website are as close to the actual floorcovering as possible,

colour variations do occur as screens and monitors will have different colour calibration. 

This means that actual product may look different to that shown on your screen or monitor.