Flooring One Adoration Carpet

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How much do I need?

Each pack contains 1m2, we recommend that you include 10% wastage. Please use our handy calculator to determine the number of packs that you require.


Made from:Polyamide Saxony

Tog rating: 1.30

Material content 100% Polyamide

Type of backing Secondary

Pile height 10.5 mm

Total height 13.0 mm

Carpet style Plain


14 colours

Exclusively developed by Associated Weavers the iSense fibre is unique in its touch and feel.  iSense® is an extremely soft polyamide yarn and its high number of super fine filaments produces a feel that is like no other broadloom carpet!

iSense® is a unique, extremely soft polyamide yarn that outperforms any other carpet yarn when it comes to soothing comfort.

With its high number of fine filaments, iSense® simply adds another dimension to broadloom carpet.

Sensuality is made up of several collections of exquisite and unique broadloom carpet, each in a wonderfully subtle range of enchanting colours, offering sheer tactile delightr dimension to broadloom carpet. 

Sensuality® is the embodiment of tenderness and strength, so cuddly yet so powerful.  The ideal carpet for a bedroom, full of softness, comfort and luxury.