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Welcome to Dickinsons Furnishers

Step inside and discover Dickinsons Interior Desire.

Here at Dickinsons we take pride in our vastly experienced, friendly service and extremely high standards. Whether you are looking for design, re-design or furnishing your home. We can inspire you and turn your vision into reality.

Our mission is to provide you with, elegance, style, comfort, unadulterated luxury, quirky or streamlined, we have something for everyone.

Dickinsons design for domestic, residential, commercial, hospitality and healthcare. From a child's bedroom to a Golf Resort.

Extraordinary attention to customer service, before, during and after your Dickinsons experience.

From our excellent knowledgeable designers, friendly, passionate sales advisers, professional, skilled seamstresses and highly trained fitters, we can help you create your very own masterpiece. Dickinsons can tailor your needs, to suit your budget and time frame.

We have the largest Interior design studios in the North of England. Offering flooring, furniture, soft furnishings and an Interior Design service. This means you can get everything you need, here, in one place, to decorate your home.

Dickinsons have won UK interiors retailer of the year, UK floor fitter of the year and UK soft furnishings retailer of the year, so you can be sure of a really warm and professional welcome from this family-run company which has been in existence since 1878.